NOTE: As I experienced this whole sordid saga, the one question that again & again came to mind was: How?

  How is it that the Chicago Mayor, Mayor Daley, who has the power to destroy -- in the wee hours of the morning -- who has the power to destroy Meigs Field airport, a world-famous urban crown jewel ...

  ... How is it possible that this same, powerful, Chicago Mayor was somehow powerless to keep a vile & violent “artist” from being Principal for a Day?

  ... at one of his own schools?

 I got love for all niggas yelling out "fuck the police"

 ... For you niggas that hate now, better stay out my way now

Before you end up facedown

You motherfuckers don't know a thang about me

  1. -- Legit Ballin, Vol. 1 [1999]: Legit Ballaz

  And again: How? ... How is it that a US Senator, who was already in the autumn of 2005 a much talked about presidential hopeful ... How is it that Senator Obama, whose offices I contacted repeatedly at the time, was unwilling -- to my great surprise -- unwilling to right such an obvious wrong as elevating Twista to

Principal for a Day? ... at a school in his own hometown?

Here I am motherfuckers, thought I was gone, huh?

Y'all just gonna take my shit and run wit' it, huh?

Oh I gotta getcha, I gotta getcha my adrenaline still pumpin'

Kamikaze style, I feel like, I feel like, I FEEL LIKE

Standing in the midst of a hundred thousand haters

Dynamite and C-4 strapped around the waist bloody tears in my eyes

Hit the switch making sure any motherfucker in the vicinity blow away and die

  1. -- Kamikaze [2004]: Kill Us All

  Fear not though, for Senator Obama was/is in good, or, rather, unanimous(?) bipartisan company.

  Non-partisanly, I contacted every top public & private figure of import that time would allow, thinking that surely one or more of them would pick up on the obvious wrong of placing Twista in a public school as a role model ... and stop it before it happened.

  A listing of the folks I contacted is included in the open letter to the mayor, further below on page two.

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Meigs Field before >>

mayoral midnight modification.

 But we need to do more than put the American dream on a firmer foundation. Every American has the right to pursue their dreams. But we also have the responsibility to make sure that our children can reach a little further and rise a little higher than we did. When I am President, we will stop passing bills called No Child Left Behind that leave the money behind, and start making real investments in education.    [link]

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  Didst thou not have thy chance to right a clear wrong placed before thee? ... Thy chance to foil -- if only momentarily, but, at least within the confines of a public school -- thy chance to foil the foisting onto our impressionable youth of a beast?


  Finally, to all those I had contacted beforehand, I ask:

  Here, four newspaper articles from October 28, 2005, the day following Principal for a Day 2005.

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  Neither media company had ever contacted me -