Back to Skewel w/ Twista & Da Mayor[?]

Watch your back, Richie!

 24 October 2005

  From the Chicago Tribune, October 13, 2005 -

  1. "I think it's important for artists to come back to their communities and help inspire the youth," Twista said.

Kanye [West - left] raps slow, so they get someone who raps fast, Twista, to fill out the song's [Slow Jamz's] narrative arc. And for the hook, we'll get Jamie Foxx! [right]


 ... Now he's having to clean up [yeah, you could say that] his fast-faster-fastest verse for his a.m. stint with Regis and Kelly.

  Below, from The Village Voice, "Fast & Folliclous," by Jon Caramanica, March 24 - 30, 2004 --

NOTE: On Live With Regis and Frisky, "The Most Played R & B Song in 2004," Slow Jamz, was performed, featured on Twista's CD, Kamikaze, along with Kanye West's CD, College Dropout.

 ... Twista's been called on by damn near everyone: P. Diddy [left], Timbaland [right], Ludacris [below w/hair & glare], Jay-Z [below w/Beyonce] (there's even an ongoing quibble between Twista's label, Atlantic, and Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records, who've been trying to kidnap him for over a year).


PARENTAL ADVISORY: Graphic, artistic, explicit lyrics suitable for helping to inspire youth only.


Ahmet Ertegun [above] ...

  1. NOTE: Later died, 2007, after a fall at a concert of the Rolling Stones, his proteges of old.

... was  Atlantic Record's Founding Chairman, having co-founded the company in 1947 with now deceased Herb Abramson.


  Atlantic Records puts Twista out, with Warner Music Group's clout.  Craig Kallman [top left], Atlantic Records CEO,

reports to Lyor Cohen [lower left], Warner Music Group's Chairman & CEO of U.S. Recorded Music, and Mr. Cohen reports to Edgar Bronfman Jr. [right], Chairman & CEO of Warner Music Group [WMG].  It is with these gentlemen that any complaints about or grievances with

Twista should be lodged.


  Here are a few of rotgut bootleg Seagram scion Edgar Bronfman Jr.'s earlier successes wholesaling rotbrain entertainment, when in control of Universal Studios / Polygram: The Jerry Springer Show and artist Marilyn Manson -

White Trash get down on your knees

Time for cake and sodomy

 ... White boy tryin' to get some behind

"Who says date rape isn't kind?"

above: WMD's ... pardon ... WMG's Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Our [Warner Music Group's] Recorded Music business consists of the discovery and development of artists and the related marketing, distribution and licensing of recorded music produced by such artists. In the U.S., our operations are conducted principally through our major record labels-Warner Bros. Records Inc. and The Atlantic Records Group.

Well a motherfucker might be broke and shit

And then collecting no dough from tips

But I be spittin' mo' game than a mouthful of poker chips

To get them hoes with the Oprah lips and the provokin' hips

And never gotta tell her many lies

I been lookin' in the city skies, get up in the kitty's thighs

'Cause I'm blessed with a look of innocence, good sex

 ... But if the head the bonk c'mon suck a nigga dick

Members of my click, wanna see what that'd be like

 ... But you a pimp if you can get the same hoe to wanna freak your friends

'Cause I studied P-I, M-P, ology, but logically

Be learnin' these hoes biology, obviously, well ...

And now ... Ladies & Gentlemen! ...  "Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated, Hip-Hop Superstar" & budding actor, artist Twista, with his 1996 first platinum single smash hit, Po Pimp -

  Now ... naturally ... bein' a play-ah ain't all, you know, assettes -- they is liabilities.  But, bein' a Po Pimp

  Let's have a closer look.  Here, from a March 2004 article by Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times -

'Entitled to share in lifestyle'

"As the daughter of Twista, this girl [Aaliyah] is certainly entitled to share in the lifestyle that her dad has, and that is what we are trying to do now," [Aaliyah's mother & Twista's ex-wife Rashida's lawyer, Janice] Boback said. "She is being cut off from what she is entitled to. She wants very desperately to have a relationship with her father, and unfortunately that just hasn't happened." [Twista was ordered to increase his child support payment to $460/month at the time, a year or so ago, up from $100/week.]

Twista [Carl Terrell Mitchell -- no relation to the reporter] has children outside of his marriage, and these mothers have not called me to complain. Rashida said she decided to air this matter because her daughter is so unhappy.

In the city of Chi where mothaf**kas born to clown

Go pound for pound and mess with clip lets go to war

Over money and power you got to know just what you dying for

I know this shit is just some ground

After yours and mines be here when we gone

But for now you got to shut this mothaf**ka down

  1. -- Do Or Die [1996]: Shut Em Down

Anyway ... back to the music, shall we?

Shots hit his face as he grabs his chest

Then we watch him bleed through his fingers

Now come one, come all, but if all come all fall, fuck all y'all

We road dawgs, then I come gunnin', niggas runnin' like they sold y'all ...


 ... Niggas in my mob bring the heat

You best to mob up fuckin' with the elite, oh no

If it's static, one of my niggas gon' get two niggas

Two of my niggas gon' get four niggas

Four of my niggas gon' get more niggas

That's more triggers meaning more killers

You muthafuckas better mob up

  1. -- Mobstability [1998]: Mob Up



Twista to hand out demerits

Published October 13, 2005


Hip-hop superstar Twista will go back to school Oct. 27 as he hosts the 9th Annual Principal for a Day event at the Choir Academy Charter School in Chicago.

Twista, along with Mayor Richard Daley will take over Choir Academy to help highlight the importance of education and pursuing one's dreams.


  1. NOTE:  Actually, no? ... On Thursday, October the 20th, Ms. Sandra Cardenas of the Mayor's Office informed me that the Mayor will participate in Principal for a Day, but not with Twista at the Choir Academy -- where, could not be said.

Girl you know you get me so erotic

Especially when I be sippin Hypnotiq

Got me feelin like I'm smokin on chronic [slang for powerful marijuana, even possibly marijuana mixed with cocaine]

When we fuckin it be so exotic

Now I know that everything be on fire wit Mariah

  1. -- The Day After [Twista's new release]: So Lonely, featuring Mariah Carey

  1.   And the Impressionable Age of Chicago's Youth?


  3.  Of all things, why have the Children's Choir sing a song with Twista called Hope

  4.   Why not sing a song so much more representative of Twista's art?  Like one of the Twista songs many of the young Choir singers doubtless will discover when they delve into his CD's independently?  Inspiring them to what, one shudders to think. 

  5.   So, what? ... Is this all a sinister bait & switch? ... On unsuspecting youth? 

  6.   If not, why not just go ahead and face the music?  Have the Children's Choir sing a Twista song like Ratatattat? ... Like Legit Ballin?  Witness:

Havin fantasies of havin me two bitches in the bed

Dark-skinned and light-skinned like Mike, both of 'em lookin right

Spectacular when I get up in them legs

Have you ever seen a light-skinned freak

Butter pecan or vanilla, nipples and her pussy pink

  1. -- The Day After [the new release], Chocolate Fe's and Redbones

let me fuck you first now girl

show me what you can do

come and fuck me reverse now girl

doing things that'll get you gone

when we on the couch I can make you moan

  1. -- The Day After [the new release], Girl Tonite

Fill it up if I'ma take it to the cup

If you feelin freaky take it in the butt

If you really wanna do somethin

Come an' deep throat me gul and take it to the nuts

  1. -- The Day After [the new release]: I'm a Winner

[...] But his intricate verbal rhythms are more important than the words, anyway, and the album [Twista's new release, The Day After] has a fistful of wild beats (though [Kanye] West's presence is missed) and well-chosen cameos, including one by Mariah Carey. Near the end comes a happy surprise: "I'm a Winner," based on an R. Kelly sample, sped up to match the clackety-clack of Twista's raps.

  1. -- Kelefa Sanneh [below, far left], New York Times music critic



  1. NOTE: Imagine my surprise, thinking I had already encountered the bigger ones -- imagine my surprise to find, as this article was being completed, that Twista had already performed with the Chicago Children's Choir last April 27th.  What next?!

  2. Words escape me. 

  3. Here, from Susanna Homan of the Chicago Sun-Times, "Twista-ing the Night Away," April 30th of last spring -

Lightning-fast rapper Twista headlined the Chicago chapter of the Recording Academy membership celebration Wednesday night.

About 350 guests heard his rapid-fire, three-song set, including "Slow Jamz," "Overnight Celebrity" and "Hope," which was performed with the help of the Chicago Children's Choir.

 ... Music hopefuls, take this advice from Twista:

"Be consistent, work hard and when you want to get some rest, don't rest -- work," he says.



  1.   Can you blame Ms. Homan in her own innocence? 

  2.   She merely seems to be joining in on the chorus over at the Sun-Times.


  4.   Here, the Sun-Times' David Jakubiak on May 22, 2004, with "Twista's Success Catches Up to His Lightning-Quick Rhymes" -

Wearing a 49ers O.J. Simpson jersey and joined onstage by multiple artists including Liffy Stokes, Twista hammered out underground favorites like 1996's "Po Pimp," a collaboration with Do or Die, and 1998's "Legit Ballers," a collaboration with Speedknot Mobstaz. Twista's regard within the game was also on display as he rattled off his verses from Jay-Z's "Is That Yo Bitch?"

Here I am motherfuckers, thought I was gone, huh?

Y'all just gonna take my shit and run wit' it, huh?

Oh I gotta getcha, I gotta getcha my adrenaline still pumpin'

Kamikaze style, I feel like, I feel like, I FEEL LIKE

Standing in the midst of a hundred thousand haters

Dynamite and C-4 strapped around the waist bloody tears in my eyes

Hit the switch making sure any motherfucker in the vicinity blow away and die

 ... Wit the death of myself cause I'm a believer

The blessings of sacrifice the messenger who

Cometh after the Christ next 1 to glisten after ice

Fuckin wit me is a bigger gamble then a pack of dice

I'll murder you and come at you again in the after life

My brother you cant bring harm wit guns I'm

Armed wit bombs fuck all that shit you carry I got

Yo obituary a muthafuckin phenomenon-cause I'mma come

Till they put all of us in a cemetery ...


Now come and look into the mind of a man you don't really wanna fuck wit'

(Kill 'em All, Kill 'em All, Kill 'em All)

  1. -- Kamikaze [2004]: Kill Us All

I shoot the tongue like a machine gun

Know what I mean, son?

A chunky spunky tongue if you ever seen one

Cops, I give 'em props, they cap men, mostly black men

Mouth will pack, then smack 'em like a Mack-10

Bop - another head flown like a frisbee, it is me

  1. -- Runnin' Off At the Mouth [1992]: Ratatattat

I got love for all niggas yelling out "fuck the police"

I'm a Jeffery Manor Gangsta wit' the mobsta elites

Legit Ballers the family 'til the day that I die

They let the south and the westside hook up in the city of Chi'

Lettin' off rounds, fifty rounds, 'bout to shut you bitches down

From the Manor in that K-Town, I say it's too late now

For you niggas that hate now, better stay out my way now

Before you end up facedown

You motherfuckers don't know a thang about me

I roll wit' G's from Cabrini down to the Ida B's

Lakeside, 9-Tre, the Long City

Wild Hundreds got love for that nigga Nitty

Give me room when my adrenaline rushing

Cause if I go in that trunk, you know I'm 'bout to start dumping

You hear the cries as the bullets fly by

And in the end that motherfucker died

  1. -- Legit Ballin, Vol. 1 [1999]: Legit Ballaz

"I think it's important for artists to come back to their communities and help inspire the youth," Twista said. "When you're young, sometimes it's hard to stay focused on your dreams, especially in music. Hopefully, I can inspire these young students to stay focused and never give up on their dreams."

Always ever all days death before dishonor

Comin' back as though I can still see if you got static

Fuck tryin' to steal me, shit you gon' have to kill me

And if somebody cappin' I'ma tell 'em what happens when my emotions erupt

Shots make me duck, thats when I'ma have to fuck you up

  1. -- Adrenaline Rush [1997]: Death Before Dishonor


The Personals page was compiled by Emily Rosenbaum from Tribune news services and staff reports.,1,1134751.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed



  1. NOTE: The Chicago Tribune's Emily Rosenbaum is a member of CCJ, the Committee of Concerned Journalists. 

  2.   Here, from the CCJ's Statement of Concern

  3. Nor is our motive to develop a detailed code of conduct: if journalism is a set of aims, how we fulfill them should change with changing times and be left to each news organization to decide. But if journalism is to survive, it falls to individual journalists, especially in each new generation, to articulate what it stands for.



Cause it's Victory or Death nigga, better stay out the way

When my adrenaline pumpin' or you can get a..(click-clock-blast)

Die mothafucka die!

Ain't no makin' me bleed cause I've got family to feed repeat

It's victory or death nigga

I would rather die before I cant prosper I'm a mobsta

Won't stop ballin', because it's meant to be,

It's Victory or Death I gotta hustle till I'm gone

  1. -- Legit Ballin' Vol. 1 [1999]: Victory

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Here, from U.S. Newswire, September 2004 -


Twista's hard hitting Chicago attorney Jeffery M. Leving [Chairman of the Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood (ICRF) -- no, I'm not making this up, folks], moved swiftly to protect Twista's daughter and won. The Judge also ordered Rashida [Twista's ex] not to speak to the minor child about Twista except in a laudatory manner. "It is a sad state of affairs when a Judge has to order a mother not to speak to her child about the father in a negative manner", said [Twista's consigliere, ICRF Chair &'s Jeffrey] Leving. This agreed order established that Twista is current in child support.

  1. Back on April 18, 2004, a hopeful Sun-Times' Jim Derogatis chimed in with "Chicago: Hip-Hop's Tip Top?" -

Will Kanye and Twista at long last usher in a golden age for Chicago hip-hop?