Illegal Disclaimer

In no uncertain terms.

If you don't like fine print, please skip this

disclaimer, as it doesn't hold much water anyway.

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  I haven't the slightest clue as to what Internet / Web Site associated laws I may or may not be breaking, nor in what ways.  All I know is that I finally got so upset with the various goings on, that I've decided to do something about it.  It is not with malice aforethought that I break any law.  No.  My breaking of a law would only be incidental to my determined desire to put forward to all concerned, the truth, to the best of my abilities, limited though they be.  Plain & simple.  That's it.

  If you feel this disclaimer is inadequate, then take a closer look at this disclaimer's title.

  If you're still not satisfied, an e-mail sent to with the contact information of a competent and well-intentioned, jurisprudential pro bono femina would certainly be welcome.

  If it is your opinion that a law has been broken on this site, please do contact me at and I will, to the best of my abilities, address your concerns in as timely a manner as is possible.  Please be mindful that I am a victim of criminal self-retardation.

  In any event, I have sworn a solemn oath to get out the truth while the gettin's good, as it may not be as good as it is now for much longer, things being what they are.


 With Utmost Sincerity,

 David L. Wideman



 P.S. All polite inquiries will be responded to.